Sunday, May 8, 2011

Do ZOmbies watch films about ZomBies???

I watch movies on occasion and that is probably an understatement. I tend to think film and tv productions are are poorly written, lack creativity and our society depends on these distractions too frequently in an attempt to avoid the real issues that require attention. So,  you might already assume I may say that NETFLIX is a catalyst for ZOmbification. Well, in part, you are corrrect. However, due to the use of technology to make information easier, cheaper to access I am in favor of NETFLIX. Not to mention that NETFLIX in some ways reduces the need for brick and mortar businesses which reduces our carbon footprint and abuse of the land. side stepping to various soapbox issues makes me laugh only as I begin to see myself as that *old fogey who is displeased with everything.
Yikes, I'm losing it. Sweet, maybe I wont even know that I'm certifiably nuts because I'm certifiably
nuts.  Ignorance is bliss.

So, NETFLIX is a sweet deal. We don't need to drive to the store thereby reducing the amount of gas used and the related carbon emissions. NETFLIX offers a flat monthly rate and unlimited viewing of films. The downside to NETFLIX, not all films are available for streaming, but that is not the fault of NETFLIX, but more so a fault of your own...yes you. Watch more movies, obscure movies and documentaries.  This way NETFLIX will feel the demand and offer more films for immedaite viewing via the net. Stop being so anti-escapist and watch more movies. Force NETFLIX to update their online films. Let's rid the world of plastic DVDs. Do your part and demand video streaming, save the planet one online video at a time...and you wont have to think about it as you do it because your are avoiding real issues. Do something good, while you turn off your brainzzzzz.

NETFLIX, to ZomBie or not to ZOmbie? Well, to use NETFLIX is "not to ZomBie", but once you start watching NETFLIX it becomes "to ZOmbie".  Get it...use your brain, then turn it off and stare wildy with some druel on your chin as a marathon of Hollywood films tantalize your ravenous eyes.

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