Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)"

I recently purchased "Spore Origins" for my i-Phone. Let me say that there is already enough cannibalism and brain chewing going on this game to even consider ZOmbification. I think a ZomBie would be disgusted with the gluttonous approach these single-cellular, amoeba-like creatures take as they roam around in the birth fluid of Earth.

The game is fun, especially for the i-Phone. The graphics are sharp and colorful. Multiple creatures are out to get you as well as be eaten by you.  The i-Phone is in itself the controller.  Tilt to the right, go right, tilt to the left go left, etc. Each level offers new challenges. You can, also, 'morph' the main character's design as you progress through the stages of evolution (If you strongly stand with the "Creationist Theory" this game may actually strike a nerve, considering all living creatures derive from the Spore;  seven days and on the last day we got a break, not in this game!).

The biggest drawback is the repetition of physical environments. Throughout the game the Spore travels through evolutionary stages, I believe 4 steps in each stage. Although, the stages are redecorated with new creatures, colors and challenges, the physical layout is roughly the same. However, considering the game is designed for the i-Phone at a cheap cost of $2.99, I accept it.

The game is a play-periodically-style game.  I pick it up when I'm bored and play an evolutionary step. Then, I put it down for a day or a week. Its fun, but not addicting. The story is minimal and the challenges are not thought provoking. Its just simple fun...a no brainer.

To ZOmbie or Not to ZomBie?  No ZomBies needed here, there is already a brain eating spore doing all the work for the walking dead. Unfortunately, that spore will one mellenia grow up to become a human being and possibly evolve further into a ZoMbie.  So, we'll just wait and see what occurs.

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