Monday, March 7, 2011

Just A Small Town Girl, Living in A Lonely World. She took the Midnight Train Goin' Anywhere...

  WHY? Becaues You Can!           WHY? Because You Want To!                     WHY? Why Not?               


Its pretty apparent why so many love the Karaoke.  Actually, if you look at these three pictures (left, above and right) it might not be so apparent, but nonetheless, people like singing with Karaoke even if they can't really sing.
Why pink spandex or underwear over black-tigerstriped leggings? Because you have a microphone in-hand and Karaoke backing you up 100% even if the rest of the world is not. When Karaoke starts everything else just fades away and most listeners hope that you will, too.

Karaoke a great way to use technology to hone your vocal and stage skills. Its a lot cheaper than actually paying for formal singing lessons, although you would probably be better off with a straight forward suggestion from your voice teacher that you should find another dream to follow. But, what the Hell, you only get to go around in life once, so if singing is your passion, then do it big and do it with Karaoke.  If children cry, if ears bleed, if dogs howel, if hearts explode so be it because You are all that counts and if others have to suffer while you rock out, then that is what they must do.

Hey, if the nation's public school system offered music programs, the pain and suffering might stop. American Idol would no longer have the outtakes of want-to-be rockstars-who-aren't and quality Karaoke singers wouldn't be limited to Hawaii.  Let's go USA, Karaoke should not be limited to bars and Karaoke huts, it should be mandated in our public school classrooms. When people are educated properly longevity increases, but when unskilled 'singers' take the stage mental illness spreads like a caucaphony of musical notes emanating from the unskilled mouth of the Karaoke Killer.

To ZOmbie or Not to ZomBie?  Well although not mentioned or demonstrated in any ZOmbie film or novel, bad Karaoke singing is actually a great method of detering a ZoMbie onsluaght. If you can capture a ZOmbie and do not want to get blood and brains on your cloths from smashing in its head, get a horrible singer to tear up some tunes with a Karaoke machine. The result will be a massive hemorrhage in the brain of the Zombie. Yes, singing Karaoke will kill ZOmbies as well as your friendships.
Karaoke...Not to ZoMbie.

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