Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Love Lamp

                                           "Goat Boy" played by Jim Breuer on SNL

    Humans are fascinating animals.  Yes, I am calling you an animal, Animal! Consider it a friendly reminder. Although, we are animals we maintain a significant strength far above the rest of the creatures in the animal kingdom, the ability to think deeply and live beyond the simple 'flight and fight' experience; we are not bound to basic instincts alone.

    Homo-sapiens, with all of our mental capacity, still suffer from various 'program' glitches.  Imagine that each of us is run by a computer aka the brain.  Most of us appear to run smoothly, with slight re-tooling from time to time.  Others have mainframe freeze-ups and require complete overhauls. And the rest fall somewhere in between with slow hard drives, defunct memory storage and unresponsive keys on the keyboard. Its simple if you think of it that way. Where am I going with this....I am not certain, but in short you are a computer and I hope your programs are working with integrity, otherwise you might be insane and not even know it.

So, the crux of this blog is to point out the insanity that is the human mind.  Insert a mother's gasp here_____________.     

Years back I saw a television commercial for Ikea, the Norwegian owned furniture/home accessory store. Ikea.  If you are on a budget Ikea offers a lot of goods, just accept the fact that anything you purchase will last for a year or two only; even less if you accidentally add water. My apologies, I've gone off on a tangent.
  Ikea created a commercial to manipulate the viewers' emotions and create business. Nothing new here. However, the commercial was an indicator of just how inept we are at using our minds to logically process information.

    The commercial is captivating because it plays on our emotions and therefore renders our logic useless.  Spock would not stand for this, although he would not be surprised that humans resonated with a discarded lamp. Completely illogical, although humanly predictable.  If you don't know who Spock is, then "Go in Peace and Prosper" while you search the name on Google. 
    The "skinny": use technology to personify everything.  Create an emotional story about anything unemotional and therefore captivate an audience. Add some humor, some music, an accent and an insult and your audience will remember the experience.

   Ikea Lamp Commercial: To ZOmbie or Not to ZomBie?  If you use the techniques employed in the commercial to captivate an audience you are definitely not a ZOmbie. However, if you are in the audience you just may be a ZomBie.  If you still are unsure where you sit, if you watched the commercial and then staggered off to buy a new lamp, then you are most certainly a ZomBie, ZOmbie!

                                         None the less you are crazy because you're human!
                                                              Film: "Anchor Man"

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